Denplan is the UK's leading dental payment specialist and manages the oral health of over 1.8 million patients across the UK.

Denplan enables patient to budget for routine dental care and varied treatments, which helps to remove the worry of unexpected dental bills.

We highly recommend that our patients join the Denplan scheme which allows them to follow a programme of preventative care, using the skills of our dental team and the support of Denplan.

A patient must be dentally fit before he/she can join Denplan.

For a fixed monthly sum, Denplan Care helps patients budget for regular, affordable, preventive dental care.

Joining Denplan Care

Routine Treatment Covered Treatment Not Covered
Check ups Laboratory fees
Digital x-rays Orthodontics
Clinically necessary fillings Dental implants
Hygienist visits Cosmetic treatment
Prescriptions First full assessment appointment
Extensive Work Covered Emergency Cover
Surgical treatments External trauma cover
Crowns, Bridges, Onlays (excl lab charge) Emergency cover outside of 40m radius to Practice
Dentures (excl lab charge) Worldwide Emergency treatment cover
Root fillings 24hr Worldwide Helpline
All routine extractions

As an additional option to Denplan Care we offer Denplan Essentials. Being registered with Denplan Essentials is more cost effective than paying as you go for your check ups and hygienist visits and on top offers you a number of additional benefits.

Joining Denplan Essentials

Benefits of joining Denplan Essentials  
Check ups (covered) External trauma cover
Hygienist visits (covered) Emergency cover outside of 40m radius to Practice
Routine bitewing x-rays (covered) Worldwide Emergency treatment cover
10% discount of all fee per item treatments 24hr Worldwide Helpline

There are many benefits for patients joining Denplan, please feel free to ring our experienced & well trained staff with any other questions you might need answering.